N95 masks have now been called necessary, and the type of mask everyone should be wearing daily. This has become even more important with the rise of new, and even more transmissible variants of the coronavirus. Especially with the Omicron variant and its high transmissibility that has doubled, and tripled cases all over the world, just when everyone thought the virus is becoming more manageable and things are getting back to normal. So, the top question everyone is asking is, where to buy an n95 mask near me?


N95 face masks are a necessary and superior form of protection. They have been for a long time and yet, for political and logistical reasons, health officials and leading infectious disease experts and agencies have only recently come out publicly to proclaim their urgent need for the public as the best protection against Covid-19 over cloth masks, surgical mask, and other disposable masks.

The quick answer for the best protection for yourself and your family is to find certified N95 masks directly from approved and bona fide masks manufacturers and suppliers. Nowadays, you can get your N95 masks online from bielcor.com and have them directly delivered to your home or business without having to go out anywhere.n95 mask


Authorities downplayed N95 masks for the general public at the beginning of the pandemic in the United States. This is despite the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) long having recommended the superior protection of these respirator masks. Perhaps the most likely reasoning for this delay is to preserve supply, to ensure that frontline emergency workers, hospital staff, and others deemed a priority were able to get their masks first for disease control and prevention.

So most of the public ended up settling for cloth masks, bandanas, fashion masks, neck gaiters, homemade masks, surgical masks, or cheap fakes and counterfeit masks found on Amazon or other shady websites. The question is what n95 mask to buy?  

Now, experts and authorities are coming out to announce. Those types of face coverings are not effective in disease control and prevention. Now, everyone ought to be wearing masks such as an n95 respirator. We are told we specifically need the protection of n95 masks. 

Just some of the experts that have come out in favor of higher quality N95 half-face mask style according to the Washington Post include professor Chris Cappa at the University of California at Davis, an aerosol expert at Virginia Tech, Lindsey Marr, former FDA commissioner Scott Gotlieb, infectious disease expert, and professor of medicine at UC San Francisco Monica Gandhi.

No matter what your beliefs are about the virus and current restrictions and rules. Wearing a mask will definitely protect you.

Fully vaccinated does not assure you will not get infected. With the Omicron variant, even fully vaccinated individuals are being infected. 

Why just settle for any other mask in the market that has not been proven to provide protection. Even more so if you have a family or employees to take care of, too. 


The emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has caused a whole new round of lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccine, and mask mandates over the past couple of months. 

The earliest known case of the Omicron variant was on November 9 and the first detected mutation of it was found in South Africa on November 24. Since then, it has spread all over the world and is considered to be the most transmissible variant, and has been less susceptible to vaccines compared to other variants.


fake masks

The Omicron variant dominates the US and is said to be two or three times as likely to spread compared to the Delta variant. Omicron cases are doubling every two to four days. British researchers have also observed that Omicron is 3.2 times as likely to cause a household infection as Delta was. Omicron has also been found to be adept at dodging antibodies produced by vaccines and previous infections.


With the introduction of the Omicron variant, it has become more important to use a mask that could provide the best protection against the virus. The demand for n95 masks for sale near me has increased due to this as agencies and individuals have started to recognize the need to use a mask with high filtration efficiency that would be able to protect them and have better protection than cloth masks and surgical masks.

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While many are promoting vaccines as the primary tool for combating the spread of coronavirus. It has become clear that it is no substitute for masks. 

Vaccination will not prevent contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

Mask CAN prevent you from being infected or spreading this and many other viruses. Even with vaccination, you will have to find out where to buy an N95 mask, stack up and get COVID-19 tests.


As already covered, there are many types of face coverings that people have been wearing over the past 18 months. 

Now it is clear that most of them are NOT considered effective at all. This includes bandanas, neck gaiters, and simple cloth masks. 

The CDC also warns that there are many counterfeits and fake face masks being sold out there as well.

Ultimately, the only face coverings we should spend a dollar and effort, on wearing are N95 masks or better alternatives such as an N99 mask.

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What is so great about the N95 masks for sale is the low price which also provides so much extra and real protection against viruses for an affordable low price.

Proven to be effective for viral outbreaks. Dust masks in commercial settings, and for defending yourself and workers against wildfire smoke and toxicants like mold. 

Tested respirators passed the standard for elite protection. They go through a variety of tests and receive official approval and certification by NIOSH. They must block at least 95% of all airborne particles down to 3 microns. 


The N95 mask is certified to remove at least 95% of non-oil-based particles from the air you breathe. In comparison, the n99 mask removes 99% of harmful particles from the air. While the N99 provides more protection, the N95 offers more breathability and airflow and is a couple of dollars cheaper than the N99 mask. For regular usage, the N95 should be enough and the N99 is more for health workers and those who have direct contact with the virus.


The main difference between N95 masks and kn95 face masks is the country regulating the approval, testing, and quality standards of the face masks. The N95 masks are the standard for protection for COVID-19 and healthcare workers in the United States. At the same time, the KN95 masks are the standard for China. They are similar, yet with small differences in airflow and particle filtration testing requirements.


The gold standard for face masks is the N95. 

However, the N99 mask provides even greater filtration. As the name suggests, the N99 filters out 4% more airborne particulates. It filters out at least 99% of them. 

They may be slightly less breathable than the N95 masks. Though do offer the most elite protection, while still being able to breathe. For a more in-depth comparison between the N95 versus the N99 face mask here.


As earlier mentioned, there is a lot of fake masks provider on Amazon and other online retailers. When looking where to buy n95 masks, choose to purchase from trusted retailers/sources.

N95 is an official standard. The CDC and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) have only approved select manufacturers and suppliers. Each mask must display its official approval number. 

The easiest and most convenient way to obtain affordable, real N95 masks. Order online from approved providers and get them shipped directly to your home or workplace. 


The N95 masks from Bielcor are NIOSH-approved and recommended by the CDC. The respirator masks are designed for the best comfort and ease of use. The adjustable nose clip ensures both tight yet comfortable seals. In contrast, the approved head strap/ear loops utilize a welded fitting, eliminating the irritation of other types of masks. It is also affordable at just around $1 per mask. It offers the confidence of all-day protection and affordability. You never have to choose between safety and your budget. Why look elsewhere?

Be sure you have an adequate supply on hand. With new mask mandates and mask guidelines, plus the Omicron variant, there is a new rush to buy them. The best place to get face masks that is NIOSH approved and recommended by the CDC is through Bielcor. Get superior protection at an affordable price of just around $1 per mask at bielcor.com


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